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WordPress Bruteforce Attack

Having some fun documenting what the bad guys are  up too… Lately I’ve been hit by quite a few brute force attack against on a couple of WordPress installations, nothing new, this has circling  the media for quite some time, and I really don’t feel like I’m being targeted.. I’m just a poor sole that shows up in a Google search running a […]

What’s new…

A collection of things that is currently happening. CISSP certification After numerous hours of self studying, a 5-days crash course, almost two horrible weeks of waiting, I finally got the result on my CISSP exam. Guess what, I passed! Passing this exam is probably one on my major accomplishment in my IT career. UnfortunatelyI do […]

Æsir-Network – One step closer….

What is the Æsir-Network? It’s not just one project, it’s more like a concept. A concept of building a computer network based on many different services. I’ve a had a linux server running for quite some time, but it wasn’t before I moved it, and started to expand it really kicked off. Æsir-Network is now […]

Celebrating 2009 with a new webserver.

Christmas is over, New year has been celebrated… It’s time to get started on 2009! Celebrating christmas at my parents place back in Arendal, I also had the chance of expanding the Æsir-Network. The server park is growing, and I now have a dedicated webserver. In good old spirit I’ve kept on naming them after […]