WiFu Course and OSWP cert

That’s it, I’m now a OWSP, yet another fun course from Offensive security. Not even remotely close to the OSCP, but it does have some fun topics if your into wireless. A lot of the reviews I’ve read online, said that should pay attention to theory in the start, maybe if was just me, but […]

Wifi Direct – Galaxy S6 – Dot1x

My best practices rutines, says “Not-Allowed” for WiFi Direct Clients… but with a footnote that this might be causing issues on some mobile phones.. Well today I had an inssue. My brand new Galaxy S6 would not connect to my Dot1X enabled network, using WPA2-PSK everything was working..(it had Wifi-Direct disabled on this ssid..) Using […]

Unifi autobackup

Once in a while, a get bit of the backup-bug… that is usually a bit later, or some bad scenarios in my head are being played out.. Fortunately this time I’m just being proactive, for once! But trying to get a good backup routine of the unifi controller should be quite easy. It’s a good […]

UniFi – the little WLC that could..

Ubiquiti is a small company that is making some really cheap devices. You kind of get enterprise capabilities at the cost for Small office/home office (SOHO) devices. And if you are a bit over average, and thinking of getting more then one access point up and running at your home (or office). This might be a […]