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Cisco AP – Convert to Autonomous

I’ve done it a couple of times, but I allways forget how it’s done… Converting a brand new 2702i Access point, do the following. en debug capwap console cli debug capwap cli no-reload conf t boot manual exit wr reload Next boot: set IP_ADDR set NETMASK DEFAULT_ROUTER tftp_init tar –xtract tftp:// flash: […]

Cisco Aironet 2700E join bug

Just run across a really boring bug. A new install of 10 brand new Cisco 2700 w/ external antenna. Will not join the controll at all. Keeps looping, through the 4 different ways to join, even if DNS for CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER was a valid DNS lookup. What really made this sux, was that all the AP […]