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Wireshark – export cert

Recently I’ve been working a lot with Wireshark, and in one scenario I had to verify what certificate was used. Exporting the public certificate from a Wireshark it’s pretty easy if you know what to do. First you need to capture the handshake. If you do see the Client/Server Hello messages but no Certification, you […]

Checkpoint SNX Office mode – MBA – Linux – JAVA FREE!

I’ve doing this PoC for a customer, and it’s been such a long case I just need to share the essentials. It looks like a lot of people are getting there help from This works find if you use the IPSec VPN blade. But NOT if your using the Mobile Access Blade. And I […]

FreeBSD – Sendmail – Static relay

This is something I’m gonna forget, and as I use this blog as my personal notebook, I need to document this. I’ve had strange issues not being able to send mail from my web server, to a specific domain. Been troubleshooting with the hosting company, and they have tried to whitelist me, but without any […]

raspberry pi , static ip? C’mon

You got to be kidding me. Why on earth are RASPBIAN JESSIE diverting from a common practices on ALL Linux distributions ? Setting a static IP on debian should be done via /etc/network/interfaces why on earth are they making dhcpcd the master of the univers?. a common /etc/network/interface should look like; auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address […]

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