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Portmgt v.0.11

[Description] portmgt is a small bash script that will fetch latest porttree and check if any of your installed packages needs updating or contatins vulnerabilities. It used portsnap to fetch/update port tree, and portaudit to check for vulnerabilities. After you run the script it will give you an overview of packages that needs your attation. […]

Weather Station

Hello everyone. Let me tell you about my new pet project!…. My parents are building a cabin. It’s gonna be more like an extra house, but however they will be getting a fiber connection there…. And when you have a 24/7 fiber connection somewhere in the world, you need to figure out what fun you […]

Still alive…..

Hi there, This is just a quick note to tell you guys that I’m still alive… and haven’t forgot all about you guys out there. I just bought a new appartment, and it’s a lot of work with it…. But I’m still doing the movie for this year.. and as allways it will appear around […]

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