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Christmas Spirits.

1th of December, we getting close to Christmas. So why not change the theme of my little website. I haven’t done much work on this theme, since I’m only using it for a months. But thought it was quite cute. My plan was to make a calender for this year, posting a new video every […]

Fisheye – Century Optics

This is what I’m talking about. Extrem FishEye on it’s best! I’v been looking for a proper FishEye lense for my camera for while now, but It’s been hard. Not just because there is so many too pick from, but it’s kinda hard to get a hold of here in norway. It’s not a normal […]

New Car

If you rember my trip to voss earlier this year, my car didn’t make it. It broke down in evje, on my way to Voss. There has been so much trouble with it, so I sold it for 4k, just to get out of my head. Since then I’v been looking for a more kayak […]

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