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VulnHub – SickOs1.1

As I’m waiting for my OSCP exam, and my LAB time there is over, I took a trip to VulnHub to see if they had any new VM that looked interesting. SickOs: 1.1 Name……..: SickOs1.1 Date Release: 11 Dec 2015 Author……: D4rk Series……: SickOs Objective…: Get /root/a0216ea4d51874464078c618298b1367.txt Tester(s)…: h1tch1 Twitter…..: This CTF gives a […]

Oracle support in Kali?

Since Oracle is proprietary, it can’t be shipped with Kali Get an account at oracle, no verification email is sendt, so you can use a temp email 🙂 Get three files from Oracle Instant Client Don’t try wget cause you need accept EULA, and sign in. Create directory /opt/oracle and extract your files […]

Wifi Direct – Galaxy S6 – Dot1x

My best practices rutines, says “Not-Allowed” for WiFi Direct Clients… but with a footnote that this might be causing issues on some mobile phones.. Well today I had an inssue. My brand new Galaxy S6 would not connect to my Dot1X enabled network, using WPA2-PSK everything was working..(it had Wifi-Direct disabled on this ssid..) Using […]

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