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Wifi Direct – Galaxy S6 – Dot1x

My best practices rutines, says “Not-Allowed” for WiFi Direct Clients… but with a footnote that this might be causing issues on some mobile phones.. Well today I had an inssue. My brand new Galaxy S6 would not connect to my Dot1X enabled network, using WPA2-PSK everything was working..(it had Wifi-Direct disabled on this ssid..) Using […]

Cisco AP – Convert to Autonomous

I’ve done it a couple of times, but I allways forget how it’s done… Converting a brand new 2702i Access point, do the following. en debug capwap console cli debug capwap cli no-reload conf t boot manual exit wr reload Next boot: set IP_ADDR set NETMASK DEFAULT_ROUTER tftp_init tar –xtract tftp:// flash: […]

Vmware – Unable to connect to the MKS

Setting up a new VM today. Doing my usual rutine, but no console love for me. Unable to connect to the MKS: Login (username/password) incorrect 10 points to Vmware for a informative error message… not… Firewall… SmartTracker Viewer to the rescue. After immplementing Zones and a Checkpoint firewall, I guess I forgot to open port […]

Cisco WLC upgrade – Image signing certificate validation failed

Just replaced my WLC, and every time I get new hardware I check for the latest sw. Yeah, new version of the 8-series from Cisco. Not so much yeah after upgrade…. All my Cisco 2702i Access points where failing the upgrade. Stuck in downloading. *Mar 24 19:21:20.559: %CAPWAP-6-AP_IMG_DWNLD: Required image not found on AP. Downloading […]

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