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Welcome to Tech Net. My little collection of Guides/Tutorials/Tips/How to & Scripts etc. Below you can read and download everything that has been added to Tech Net.
New tutorials/guides is now written in post format, so try search for it! 🙂

This guides/scripts are old…. please use with caution… They are removed from the main page, but kept for historic reasons. 



Name Type Description
FreeBSD – The Server Guide Setting up the ultimate FreeBSD Server
SmoothWall + Zerina openVPN + DD-WRT Guide DD-wrt as OpenVPN Client
Samba and Mac OS X Guide A small guide to get automount to work in OS X
Getting Started Tutorial Getting started with Linux Video Editing
Export to DVD Tutorial Learn howto export from Cinelerra to DVD
Capture HDV Tutorial Capture HDV under linux


Name Type Description
SPOTTracker php/xml SPOT tracker / WordPress Plugin
openPHPWeather php/bash Weather Station web interface
portmgt bash Keep your FreeBSD up to date
BDmov2xvid Perl Converting Cinellera mov to XviD
NVE-LevelCollector v0.3 PHP PHP script to included water level info from
pppBlog-SafeMode Bash Ugly hack to get pppBlog work with PHP SafeMode